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May 13, 2021

StowHere! Tips, Tricks, Hints & Best Practices


These are best practices accumulated from previous experiences.  They do not, in any way, replace our Terms and Conditions which remain final authority even if conflicting information is presented here.
Now that we’ve made our attorneys happy, let’s talk community!  We designed StowHere! with the idea that if community works together great things happen!  More specifically, I’m talking about those in our communities that have some extra space to store cars, boats, motorcycles & RVs, and those that need it!
Here, we’ll share some basic insights that will help you leverage the platform and address expectations for those that will be Hosting and those that will be Renting.

Is Measuring My Space Really Important?

The best way to ensure success, especially if you are Hosting an Open Space, is to stake off the areas and measure them well to ensure you’re providing an accurate depth and width of the space.  For those that are Hosting Carports, Garages and Work Bays, ensure you’ve captured the height of the Garage Door as well for proper clearance.
Renters, ensure that you choose a space that meets your requirements for your vehicle or boat and just to be safe, it never hurts to add a few inches of margin just to be certain everything will fit.  We will be adding dimensions as search criteria in future releases – so do be looking for that!


What are Best Practices for Work Bay Rentals?

For those Hosts providing tools, make sure you list all the tools in your description.  It will be important for Renters to know what can be provided and what they might need to bring on their own.  An inventory list can even be helpful and easily created and the more detailed it is the better! We’d also recommend you keep Renter tools separate so they are easily identifiable and accounted for upon check-out of the Work Bay Rental term.  Another idea is to paint handles, and create a checklist inventory sheet numbering your tools that way upon checkout you can easily determine which tools are missing and which tools might need to be replaced.

Renters, please keep in mind you are only renting the Work Bay itself. Tools not outlined, restrooms, and even the Host’s mechanical knowledge is not including in the contract unless you and the Host have made explicit agreements during the booking process.  We strongly suggest you do not bring food beverages and especially alcoholic beverages to Work Bay facilities without explicit agreement with your Host.  Further, our Terms and Conditions state that the rental is a contract between yourself and the Host, therefore no additional people are allowed to participate without explicit Host agreement.  Should the Host see danger, or a threat of bodily injury to yourself or others, due to any aspects of the Work Bay, they might ask you and/or your vehicle to vacate the premises until such situations can be resolved to ensure safety for all.

Is Insurance Required?

Though the platform does not require insurance nor is the platform in a position to provide legal advice, it is recommended that Renters, insure anything stored within Storage Rentals and Work Bays with comprehensive insurance. It should not be assumed Host’s homeowner’s policies will cover your possession.  In most cases they would not regardless if you leveraged the StowHere! platform or not.  Comprehensive insurance coverage often protects your assets regardless of it being stored with a Host leveraging the StowHere! platform, or anywhere else including, but not limited to public parking garages, open parking lots, a friends house, etc.  We encourage you to check with your insurance policies should you have any questions.

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